Bakery Design

Eco Bakery Design

Eco Bakery Design is a fusion of modern design and nature. A blend of edgy modern design and natural green with wood pattern fittings makes this great oasis for your customers.

Matalj Based Design

Modern and striking design. The whole concept of the mentioned bakeries revolves around the cooled and warm Matalj showcase. This design consists of 5 meters of warm Matalj display case, 3 meters of Matalj bread shelf, 2 meters of refrigerated table and Full Vision refrigerated display case.
This design is adaptable to any space and has room for further modification.

Urban Bakery Design

Urban design, the concept of a bakery / coffee bar, is characterized by the idea of a rapid flow of customers with striking details of urban life. The design consists of 1 meter of the Kristal refrigerated display case, 2 meters of the Miki warm display case, 2 meters of the Full Vision vertical vertical display case as well as optional cash register accessories, etc.

Angela Simple Design

Do you have limited space? The idea behind the Angel Simple Design concept is just that, a striking design in a small space. The concept consists of a 2 meter warm Angela display case, a 3 meter cash register counter with a built-in 2 meter cooling Mignon display case and a 4 meter pastry shelf.

Paul Tradicional Bakery Design

Traditional design Paul, more elegant design for old-fashioned. For those looking for a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The design consists of 2 meters warm and 4 meters cold Paul showcases, 3 meters bakery shelves and 2 Full Vision refrigerated display cases.

Minjon Eccentric Design

Eccentric Minion design. Unusual and different design concept. Bright colors make this design ultra modern. The design consists of 5 meters (cold / warm) Minjon display case, 2 meters Minjon cash register counter, custom shelf for pastries / miscellaneous (5 meters).

Matalj Glow Design

One of the most popular concepts from our offer. It is characterized by simplicity and impressiveness, if you are looking for a traditional approach to bakery design, this is the concept for you. The concept consists of a 5 meter Matalj display case (hot and cold segments), a 1.5 meter Romax refrigerated display case with sliding doors and 3 meters of bakery shelves.

Black Granite Design

Black Granite Design is a fusion of dark (black) colour and bright (white) granite.
Modern and minimalistic it is a great concept for small urban caffe house or bakery. Highly customizable, main concept consists of 4 meters of cold horizontal showcase and 4 meters of neutral horizontal showcase with 2 bakery shelves and 2 vertical refrigerated cabinets. 

All designs / concepts can be modified according to your needs

For a specific concept, the possibility of modification, etc. contact us


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