Clean White Design

Clean White Design is a unique example of a combination of tradition and modern style. Modified Miki refrigerated display cases lined with elegant wood paneling, as well as Barik and Full Vision vertical refrigerated display cases.

Dry Aging Buffalo Design

Dry Aging Buffalo Design is a concept where the entire interior design revolves around the Dry Aging Buffalo device. This design features black and white glossy color. The devices used in the design are the Angela refrigerated display case, the Dry Aging Buffalo as well as the Bora Bora.

Altamira Butchery Design

Altamira Butchery Design is a real work of art, the main motifs are prehistoric drawings from the Altamira Cave. The refrigerated display case Frigo Star, Bora Bora, Barik and Dry Aging Buffalo were used in this design.

Nid Butchery Design (live)

Nid Butchery Design is a completed project, we completed the entire project, a conceptual 3D solution as well as equipping the building itself. In the mentioned project these devcies were used, the cooling showcase Angela, Bora Bora and the cash desk were used.

All designs / concepts can be modified according to your needs

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