Hospitallity interior design

Hospitality interior design from our angle.

Applying our understanding of consumer behavior, FZ Shop Designing creates innovative brand experiences. Interior design that stimulates the senses, complements the delicious food on offer and conveys brand identity throughout. At FZ Shop Designing, we can help you craft your brand message, and ensure this is integrated within your hospitality interior design (bakery, pastry, restaurant, coffee shop, or butchery).

We design, manufacture and remodel retail, restaurant, supermarket and specialty foods interiors for our customers, as if they were our only client.  We do it on time and on budget, without compromising quality or performance.  It’s what our customers expect; it’s what we deliver.

Our expert team of interior designers specialise in creating inspiring hospitality interior design and spaces for eateries. Understanding consumer needs is key to designing the right experience.

Aside from the striking hospitality interior design, our food and beverage interiors go beyond the aesthetics and promote a stronger sense of ‘brand love’. Across brand identity and brand experience, we create memorable moments for your customers to experience and share. To build a seamless brand experience across online and physical spaces, our interior designs are made with special commitment and love.

What you see is what you get…

In every category you will find hospitality interior design for bakery, restaurant, butchery, retail store, pastry or kitchen, what is shown on 3D render is what you get.

You only need to send us internal dimensions so we can adjust our designes acordingly.

If you want something new and different you are most welcome to contact us and our team of interior designers will hear your ideas.


From idea to realization

We want our clients to feel safe and satisfied. We are together in this. We want you to fulfill all your expectations.

Our team is at your disposal from developing your idea to the ultimate realization, including job monitoring and quality control.

Whether it’s a restaurant, bakery, pastry, butchery or a professional kitchen, each space is a new inspiration and a challenge for itself. The key to a good interior designer is experience in this business. It brings a lot of practice, knowledge of materials and its application and numerous opportunities.

Concept Design

We use market research and customer insight to develop concepts for clients that make the right brand impact – from global brands to community-centric brands. We ensure our interior designs convey your brand needs and connect with your community.

3D Visualisation

At FZ Shop Designing, our expert hospitality interior designers create comfortable and elegant 3D renderings of your restaurant, cafe, pastry, bakery or butchery so you can clearly see the concept come to life.
If you have prepared 3D model of  your interior design, you can send us and we can provide all the equipment you need.

Technical Drawings

At FZ Shop Designing, we first develop our concept designs into design intent drawings to test manufacturing feasibility and costings. Moving into manufacturing, we develop a full technical drawing pack across all the equipment (showcases, refrigerated equipment, kitchen equipment, neutral equipment etc.).
The concept of the organization of space throught all our designs has come from its multiple purpose – although a clear division into the sales area of restaurant, cafe, pastry, bakery or butchery, interior design has created the impression of a complete and unique space.
The idea to achieve a pleasant and warm atmosphere is realized using high-quality natural materials.

Full service interior design

Looking for a more personalized and customized interior design experience?

This is perfect for you!

From start to finish we’ll bring your vision to life, from concept to completion. Whether it’s one room, or more, we’ll deliver a complete hospitality interior design for your space down to every detail within your budget. We work with local trade resources and vendors and assess every detail. Our design process is personal, interactive and collaborative. You can be as involved with the project as you feel comfortable with and we’ll communicate through our online platform.



Our design services begin with an interior design consultation. We first organize whats up or viber  call to here what are your needs, so we can give you the right infomations and talk about your project, expectations and vision for your space. We’ll discuss scope of work, time frame and budget; as well as go through the questionnaire emailed to you. Schedule a Design Consultation



We will submit a scope of work with detailed items and ideas discussed in our initial consultation. Once the scope of work, interior design proposal and design fees are approved and the deposit is paid; we’ll proceed with the space planning and hospitality interior design concept for your project. We’ll schedule a preliminary design meeting to go through the overall interior design concept for your space; which will include a floor plan/ equipment layout, color scheme, style, showcases, finishes and accessories for your space.



Once the interior design concept is approved, the fun part begins. We’ll start sourcing all items and finishes for your space. The time from the interior design approval to the delivery of the product to the facility is 35 working days. We will coordinate delivery and shipping of items, warehousing, and any necessary follow up with vendors before the installation phase begins.



We will coordinate and schedule a date for your project installation. We will be on site supervising all aspects of the project. All equipment installation, styling and curated process will take place. At the end of the day, we’ll reveal the space to you and do a walk-through together. You’ll be able to see how all the details, design and planning have come together and appreciate the full effect of our interior design and collaboration together, in a unique well-curated space for you to enjoy!




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