Office Design

Locus Office Furniture Design

If you value space and simple design Locus Office solution is great for you. Large work desk with room both left and right for computer, an empty side can be modified into drawers.  

Elite Chrome Design

In cooperation with our daughter company Savabien we can offer our clients exceptional office furniture. Elite Chrome Design is clean, solid and minimalistic. 

Aurous Office Furniture Design

Nothing can compare to elgeance and beauty of Aurous (Gold).
Expensive and somewhat darker desing of this office table is unique and will standout in any office.

Delegate Office Design

Interesting yet simple office design. Ideal for smaller spaces.
For detailed information regarding this model of office desk please contact us or Savabien company

Urban View Design

If you are looking to leave your colleges or potential business partners in awe this is concept for you.
Great combination of wood, metal and glass.
All products in this design can be custom made, according to customer needs and desires. 

Plug & Play Design

Work space is always a big issue. We designed this office table with that in mind. Space inside table is designed for computer components and drawers (yes, computer components are inside table and you just plug in computer peripherals and start working. There is also room for RGB lights.

Evergreen office Design

Evergreen design, be always relevant, this design has a touch of nineteen-sixties when the things were simpler and modern combination of glass and metal.

Glass Line Design

Glass Line transparent design, combination of glass and metal.

Boxy office Design

Practical and simple design. Boxy office tables are for those who value space and comfort above all else. Large working space and great storage capacity are what distinguishes this table from all other table designs.

Dark Glosy Design

Dark Glossy Design is one of a kind combination of gold, white, and dark transparent (glass). This table is ideal for the home office as it is functional and alluring.

Dark chocolate  meeting room 

One of our internal projects, new meeting room for our guests and associates. Light wood lining and dark brown wall colours. 


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