Restaurant Interior Design

Wood / Granite Wine Bar Design

Wood / Granite Wine Bar The design is a combination of two elements, light wood colors give the space a natural look while granite makes it elegant. In this concept, our products have been used, such as Barik Refrigerated Showcase and Dual View refrigerated showcase for wine, neutral bar, etc.

Dark Barik Design

The design consists of a darker more intimate atmosphere with elegant elements. Some of the devices used in the design are the Ro-cake as well as the Barik 4 wine cooler.

Emerald Design

Emerald Dizjan is intended for large and spacious spaces, bright colors further expand the space and give a feeling of grandeur and elegance. Definitely a different and striking space design. The devices used in front of refrigerated display cases, hot display cases, the device that deserves attention is Dionysus.

Pastry Caffee Design

Pastry Caffee Design is a concept of transition between a cafe and a pastry shop, in the foreground are the cooling and warm showcases of our production Minjon and Full Vision. The design is characterized by bright colors.

All designs / concepts can be modified according to your needs

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