Retail Design

Light Supermarket Design

Light Supermarket Design is a concept made for large supermarkets. The basic idea is a modern design that consists of a contrast of light wood and dark details. The design consists primarily of specially designed Miki refrigerated display cases, Bora Bora vertical refrigerated display cases and refrigerated islands.

Simple Minimarket Design

Simple Mini Market design is best for small spaces, the concept can also be used for the interior design of a gas station. The basic idea is to make the most of the space. The concept is subject to change and various devices from our offer can be used.

Traditional Design

Traditional supermarket design is, as the name suggests, a standard concept used by most today’s supermarkets, the difference is in the maximum and optimal use of space, our many years of experience have allowed us to design and project the most efficient concept (device location, shelf position, other refrigeration positions etc)

Glow Supermarket Design

Glow Supermarket Design is characterized by high gloss, the whole concept is made around minimalist design, bright colors and high gloss. The entire supermarket is filled with devices of our production.

All designs / concepts can be modified according to your needs

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